13 Reasons Why Life Is Strange

I don’t know if you got the title, but this article will promote, compare and resemble the 13 Reasons why series with Life is Strange game.

13 Reasons Why …

The series is adapted from a book by Jay Asher and it seems to be taught in some schools in America, which seems to me to be a very good idea, as within a modern written book, students understand that their actions can have serious consequences.If you have not seen 13 Reasons Why, you should.

A brief summary would be this (and I hope I will not make a spoiler): after the suicide of a high school girl (Hannah), several high school colleagues receive tapes on which Hannah’s voice is recorded while explaining why she made the terrible choice. There are 13 reasons, you guessed right, and the tapes are only received by those who influenced this decision in one way or another. It’s like a trip that we are accompanied by Clay, the one who seems to have been closest to Hannah, and we discover with him new reasons why she put an end to her life.


They all seem, nice people, until we discover what they’ve done. 

“Everyone is just so nice until they drive you to kill yourself. Sooner or later the truth will come out.”

Clay was one of the reasons why I clung so much to this show and I saw it before you could say Jack Robinson. Because it gives you the impression that Clay is the main reason, while you do not understand why, what happened and you are just dying of curiosity.



But besides this, it’s a general feeling that the series offers, a pleasant melancholy, like a rainy summer day.


Life Is Strange.

Shortly after I finished the show, my husband told me he found a steam game that I might like. Normally I play MMORPG or MOBA, but I looked at the trailer and I immediately fell in love with the music and the graphicsLife is strange is not too different from a movie, it just gives you the chance to make some choices that influence the story of the game.


Life is Strange is an indie episodic game, where the action is focused around Max, an introverted, geeky and kind character. She is not sociable, and she likes to look at the world rather than become the main character in it. The action begins when she discovers that she has the power to reverse time and thus saves her childhood friend.

What fascinated me about this game is that it has, as in real life, the rhythm you that want to have. If you want, you can sit in Max’s room and play the guitar or listen to music as you ride a bus or lie in bed in Chloe’s room. 



It’s the perfect game for those who enjoy life by little things, for those who are not bored listening to music and enjoying a breeze or the sun’s rays. And it is also the perfect game for those who appreciate the beauty and have artistic passions, such as photography, painting or music.

I can not do too much spoiler, do not be scared, because I’m only on episode 2, while the series has a total of 5 episodes. It does not cost much and it’s worth every penny.

It’s a fascinating world through its simplicity, in which you will surely want to lose yourself.

  Without a doubt, Life is Strange is more successful than 13 Reasons WhyLife is Strange has won countless awards and has earned a lot of attention for the script.

  Life is Strange offers the same feelings and motives as 13 Reasons Why, but in a much more intense and more attractive way. Perhaps one of the advantages is that through a game, you manage to get more into the nature of the main character, especially because your choices matter. So you’re part of the action.

  In both works, you explore high school life through different methods. In the series, through the tapes left by Hannah and through Clay, and in the game through Max and her diary.

In addition, one thing you cannot find in 13 Reasons Why is the supernatural, which for some is relative: it can be an advantage or a disadvantage.

From my point of view, it is more interesting to use a supernatural act in a realistic frame that manages to leave a mark on you. It just makes things even more interesting.

But the supernatural is actually a means to help the player discover what the right choices are and give him the chance to change an action already done. It also gives a warning that every choice made, even the smallest and least significant, can affect the future (butterfly effect) in a positive or negative way.

  Yet, they both seem to try to change a mentality, to change a harmful behavior. Both make you empathize with the characters and in both of them, the message is transmitted in a deep and intense way.

I was not an American student and I will never be. For me, the things I have seen and lived, through them, are pure fiction. And although in all the high schools there is wickedness and mockery, not all of them have the same level of intensity.

After seeing 13 reasons why I cried like a child and I could not get it out of my head for days. After reading reviews on the internet, I understand that Life is Strange will leave an even bigger impression on me.

This type of creation is the most challenging and interesting because it makes you analyze the world more sincerely and from a new perspective.



The series is certainly not for the weak at heart because it can depress you quite badly, but if you are the contemplative genre that analyzes the world from countless perspectives, then you should look at the series and play Life is Strange.

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