5 underrated male artists you should be listening to right now!

Becoming a musician, earning some money and turning it into a career has never been this easier, obviously if you have the talent and charisma. The Internet has become the best way to promote yourself, not only musicians but also painters, gamers, and many others can use the internet to their advantage.

But even so, many artists are not recognized enough for their talents. It’s a bubble. We keep listening to the music from the artists we already know, without giving others a chance. On your youtube landing page rarely appears songs that have you have not heard, from an artist who you didn’t know. For this, it isn’t easy to discover artists.

This is my list of male artists who have written good songs, yet their songs are not known enough for how much they deserve.

So, let’s start.

  👍 Jamie Scott

Short background info:

He’s a British singer and from as far as I could search, I found out that he’s very popular in England and that he opened concerts of One Direction for 5 times. He’s also a great composer, he co-wrote “Cold Water” by Major Lazer and Justin Bieber or Hearbeat by Enrique Iglesias. These are a few mentions, if you search him on the internet you’ll see that he has an amazing portfolio.  He has also co- written over 25 songs for One Direction.


  👍 Paulo Nutini

He’s a Scotish singer, of Italian descent, from Tuscany. His albums have always got the first spots in the UK Charts and he was even referred in BBC as the biggest musician of Scotland.

I picked him because I love his tone color and his voice vibrations.


  👍 Marvay

His deep voice reminds me of John Legend and his songs are really entertaining, the kind of songs that make you stand up and start dancing.

If you search for him on the internet, not many results are showing up. His full name is Damian Marvay and I’ve found out that he’s really popular in Barbados. Give this a listen:


  👍 Ady Suleiman

I’ve found this guy by fault and I was really surprised by his voice.  He’s a UK singer-songwriter. Even though he started writing songs at the age of 14, he’s relatively new to the industry of music, releasing his debut EP only in 2015. Since then, he’s really active on his youtube channel, where you can find a lot of acoustic sessions.

  👍 Francesco Yates

He’s a singer from Canada, at 20 years old. If you look at his musical background, you will discover that he’s some kind of a genius, as he started writing music at the age of 11. Even so, he only released his debut album in 2015, when he also made a featuring with Robin Schulz.

Here’s one of the most recent songs he released:


Honorable mention:

👍 Jamie Cullum

For jazz lovers, I recommend Jamie Cullum. I’ve been listening to his songs for over 6 years now. The same, with Michael Buble. They were my favorites, though it seems like Michael Buble became a lot popular with the passing of the time.

Here’s a song sang by Jamie Cullum:



I hope you enjoyed listening to these songs. Next week I’ll post a top of 5 underrated female singers, so stay close. 

Do you have any singers that you would like to share with me?

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