I know that not everybody seeks truth and some prefer being lied to.


Why don’t I stand fake people? I’ve always been a seeker of the truth, even if the outcome always seemed to hurt me. Even so, I’ve always preferred sincerity over lies. Why is that?

Because I’m confident of my power to discern lies from the truth. I can tell when people just pretend from when they are genuine. As I have been so focused on other people, I can tell when a lie has made its way. I think this is called empathy.

I have a pretty bad quality: I care too much about the others. What are they thinking? Are they doing ok? Can I help them in any way? And these questions are unavoidable followed by this: What are they thinking about me? Are they genuine?

I’ve learned that in society people have many faces, and even if you spend a life time with them, you will never know which their true nature is.

Many don’t even know themselves.

So I’m not preferring absolute truth over a lie, I know this is quite hard to get, possibly impossible.

I may elect for the most sincere people. Those that don’t lie to you in your face, those that don’t pretend they care, those that know when the time is right to be sincere about something.

There are people who aren’t truly genuine about themselves. I can understand that nobody really is.

This is privacy and to let somebody truly know you is called intimacy. You decide who you let in. Above all, sometimes we don’t even unmask to ourselves.

When I come in contact with a fake fellow, I’m starting to get irritated and frustrated. I somehow understand that this mask he puts on is for protection. I don’t have anything with him/her, just can’t stand lies. I can’t be diplomatic about this.

I have this acquaintance that always pretended to be different, to have strong values and she always criticized everybody for their decisions. For a while now she has started telling me the truth, letting me know her dark sides and I finally understood the way she acted in the past. She’s far from being a good person or a model in life, but I do prefer her this way.

I can understand her darkness, but I couldn’t understand her pretense.

So I hate seeing someone telling me how I screw up my everyday life, just for them to feel better about themselves. I hate to be complimented when they just want a benefit. I hate when someone embellishes the story, to gain more approvals. I hate when they act tough when this is just a mask.

Next step I do when confronted with such a person is trying to distance myself.

I don’t always succeed as I’m feeling guilty because I can’t accept them. So when I have to discuss with them I don’t answer to their acts because I sometimes forget about diplomacy and end up being really rude. I just stand there and try to keep my composure. Sometimes my sincerity really hurt others and now I know that not everybody seeks truth and some prefer being lied to.

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