My best friend is an exceptional singer. She proved it once again.

I’ve watched Izabela improving since we were little, as we went to the same music school. Her parents are also musicians, they trained her, so at 7 years old she was better at singing than my other classmates.  In 4th grade, we formed a band and began to sing at school concerts, and we always went together singing carols during Christmas with many voices.

Our friendship continues after 16 years, a period in which we have been through childhood, adolescence, hardships, and joys. The best time for our friendship was to move together, the two of us and yet another very good friend. We are a happy trio, which has always stayed together.


Things haven’t always been beautiful. I also remember our fights, but a friendship is also about this: you are not always very kind, you don’t always agree. 

After I moved in with my boyfriend, she always called me when she had a concert and, almost every time, I was there, to support her.

Little by little she became popular in our home town, and then her popularity skyrocketed when she joined the Voice of Romania. I supported her in the backstage. I was so excited for her that I couldn’t stop trembling.


Not only for her, but also for me was a really interesting experience. I was at many of her rehearsals, so I got to speak with and observe really good singers.

After this huge step, she instantly became to be recognized by people on street as the girl from the Voice. She didn’t reach the final, but her popularity grew enough anyway.

Here’s the video, you can also see me jumping up and down out of excitement ☺☺☺.
She continued to study jazz at the Bucharest Conservatory. She participated in many concerts and in her final years of study she formed a band with 4 other classmates. They sing acapella covers and they are very good at it.


The Twisters 
They started singing in almost every city in Romania, grew more and more in popularity and she was seen by some consecrated artists.

Finally, one of the most popular of them invited her to sing with him on stage at his next concert.

But things are getting better and better. Last week I went to support her at X Factor, where she had an amazing performance. She was a little feverish; emotions don’t stop just because you have a little experience. They keep showing, you just learn how to manipulate them.

I had to wait 7 hours to see her perform, being the last one to go up on stage. But it was worth it.


As soon as she started singing she conquered the hearts of all spectators and judges. She sang a cover of Indila and as soon as she finished, the jury and the public rose up to their feet and applauded her enthusiastically. Well, you can imagine the beautiful comments she received and the happiness I felt.

I was very proud and when finally I met with her and her parents, we started jumping up and down, as if we were some kids. Her parents thanked me for always being there to support her: “I would never miss something so important”.

But they don’t know that it’s also a selfish act, that I am so proud to be her friend and that I love to see her singing appreciated by so many people. 

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