Relationships should be different

Since the beginning of 2015, I’ve been feeling a slight shift in my spirit, one that created an expectancy for change.

Since then, I am hoping that in the collective mind of our planet, a certain spiritual evolution is going on, that would make us renounce the basic animal instincts by which we have governed this planet for so long. I don’t know if this is really going on but this feeling that I have made me try to understand more and share more with lots of people, so that maybe at least 1 person will get some benefit from my advice. With that being said, I want to talk to you a bit about love relationships and how I think they should improve, because no matter how much hate and fear, love is the absolute law of the Universe.

A capitalist society based on extreme, even life threatening, competitivity hasn’t been the most fertile ground for good love relationships. The more we evolved in this industrial direction, the more we distanced from understanding ourselves and each other. People, and especially young ones, don’t really communicate with their other half anymore but only imitate communication as they are shown or taught by society and media. Movies, music and „what did you do yesterday” are the only things that most of the people are always talking about, always neglecting the really important part, which is that now they are a two people team in the mission of discovering the mystery that is life.

The first thing that almost everyone forgets, is their individuality. That love doesn’t mean dominance or counquering the other personality, but it means 3 separated individuals, just like the holy trinity. You have the two separated individuals and the third one which is like a spiritual child of the two. That is their love, and it is has the characteristics that the parents learned since they were together.

This is, I think, the most important lesson there to be learned, that a relationship actually mimics the holy trinity principle – unity and separation in the same proportion. In this sense, the only thing the partners should care about is the individual authentic growth of the other one, not by following each others caprices but by sustaining each other with true compassion.

A second thing which is not at all taken into consideration is the energy field or aura that we all have and the way our aura’s communicate. This is what arguments usually work with, but in a bad way – when you are fighting your partner in order to determine which one you is right, what you are actually doing is trading energy between yourselves until one of the two, the weaker one or the one who lost the fight, is completely drained. Imagine that you both were swimming in a small thermal pool in a cold area. By fighting, you took his water and now he is naked out in the cold. This is not love, is the same competitive thinking of the economic society, and it will bring you nothing but more ego.

Love requires the biggest sacrifices, that’s what we all hear, but it doesn’t really refer to money or giving up your sports night. Sacrifices mean making a constant effort towards educating yourself about the other person and about yourself. What I’m saying is that true, powerful love is indeed a gift for the smart people. And everyone can be smart in this area, because you become so by paying attention to your relationship and be determined to always grow, never stay the same.

So love it’s truly a strategy game, but a different one from the one we’re playing today. You don’t need to play „Battleships” with your partner’s soul, and develop strategies that he or she doesn’t hit you and that you hit her. What you need to do is, together with your partner, build a strategy to filter our the exterior superficial characteristics of modern love concept from your relationship, and then build an original one from scratch.
I hope you found this few advice useful for your relationships and if like it, I will post some more ! Love yourself and love the other with the same intensity !

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