Teddy Bears and dolls. History and pediophobia.

The dolls have an old, mysterious history. And we all agree that the porcelain dolls are weirder than the cute and fluffy bear.

The dolls are the oldest and most popular toys around the world. They are also the most loved by children, being among the first toys and gifts they receive.

First, a little bit of history

Let’s look back in time. In both Egypt and Japan, have been found dolls dating back to the 2000s B.C.  In Ancient Rome, girls used to dress their dolls in fashionable clothes, and after marrying, they would dedicate them to goddesses.

After the Middle Ages, we find reports about them in Germany, France and England. In the seventeenth century, the most popular material used for dolls was the wood, which the professionals painted on every detail.

Interestingly, the oldest dolls were representations of mature, beautifully dressed women.

Only in the 19th century appeared the first dolls with round face and a tummy, looking like a baby. They soon became the most popular, being dethroned only by Barbie dolls, in the middle of the 20th century, which represented the return of adult dolls. The first Barbie doll wore a black and white swimsuit.

How did the Teddy Bear get its name?

It looks like the popular fluffy bear has an interesting history, at least. Did you know that its name comes from US President Theodore Roosevelt? It seems that the president was also called on the nickname Teddy, and the invention has its roots in an event that took place at the beginning of the 20th century and which had as its protagonist the president himself.

It seems that while on hunting, the president was the only one who had not killed an animal, so the others decided to catch a bear and bind it to a tree to get the president to shoot him. He obviously did not agree, but he put the others to stop the suffering of the bear. The story was told further, and a Washington Post cartoonist drew it, inspiring Morris Mitchom to create a new toy, a Teddy Bear.

Why are there many people who are afraid of dolls and why are there few who are afraid of teddy bears?

( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) First of all, the most obvious reason is the horror movies, such as Chucky or Annabelle, in which the dolls have an evil representation and seem taken out of Hell. I have a friend who watched Chucky when he was young and since then he cannot look at horror movies with dolls. In addition, she is scared of the porcelain dolls and finds them frightening.

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ On the other hand, the most popular movie with a bear is the Ted series, in which the bear is the best friend, does not have an evil, supernatural or even somehow damaging look at your life.

( ⚆ _ ⚆ ) And even if you have not watched a horror movie with dolls, most of the fantastic cinematographic art guides you to think they have a close connection with magic, and having an old history, dating before Christ, makes you think they are more than simple toys.

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ While the bear appeared only in the 20th century, when the interest in the supernatural was no longer in vogue, and therefore, you think of it as just a simple toy, cuddly and adorable.

I must admit that I was scared a little when I received from my father-in-law a porcelain doll, seemingly valuable and antique. I needed some time to get used to it. Now she’s sitting on a shelf and for a long time I haven’t imagined horror scenes with her.

( ⚆ _ ⚆ )The resemblance with a human being is the one that frightens and the one that gives an evil note to this simple toy.

I never liked my dolls, on the contrary, my mom even now tells me that I destroyed her entire collection of dolls, and not even one survived. On the other hand, I still have the bear I received when I was a few months old.

ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ The bear is seen as a friendly and fluffy companion. We are not afraid of him because he has a gentle look, but also because he seems to be a pet, even though a real bear is actually dangerous. We feel it as totally harmless, and his presence in childhood, makes us feel relaxed.

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