At 23, the road ahead is a foggy one!

I have realized that I’m not yet convinced about who I am, or even who I want to be. Sometimes I may even seem like I have more personalities, but it’s just about having the age of 23 years.


At 23 I feel like everything is paradoxical: my opinions, my thoughts of the future, my everyday life and my feelings. It is the time to really start making decisions that influence your entire life, decisions on your own responsibility.  Up until now, you could rely on other mature people, now you have to take life by the throat and decide who you want to be really. Nonsense.   

At 23 we still don’t know what path to take. Do we seem determined? Well, know that we are not and we have many doubts, we just try to choose one way and to remain devoted, even if we are not so sure that it is the best. Sometimes we make the right choice, sometimes we try again.

We, at age 23, we are like riddles, you can only guess what we think and can never be sure. If we seem immature, let yourself be fooled. If we seem mature, do not trust it too much.   

So, try to guess.

Yes, I can say that I have taken important decisions, even great ones, among them the fact that I chose to say “yes” and marry next year. “Oh, but you have already entered the world of grown ups for serious!“. Hmm, that’s not even entirely true. Yes, I chose to marry, but it is a declaration of love and a promise that I will spend my whole life with someone I chose. That does not necessarily say that we have decided about how we will spend it.

I would prefer to become a family woman. No, I want to travel around the world.


Sometimes I’m almost convinced that I want a peaceful family life, a beautiful child, a playful dog and a loving husband (fiancé for now).

Other times I intensely think that after the wedding I’d like to get out in the world to travel as much as possible and to live our youth as long as we still have it. What is the correct answer? Try to guess the answer.

 What is the correct answer? Try to guess the answer.

I am sensitive. No, I am strong.

Sometimes I start crying out loud when watching a drama, other times I am totally immune and I’m the one who holds him in my arms. Sometimes I get easily hurt by others, sometimes I am strong like a rock.

Sometimes I am the weak one in my relationship, I’m the one who needs attention. Other times I’m the one who gives a shoulder to rely on.

 What is the correct answer? Try to guess the answer.

I want to be a child forever. No, I want to be a grown woman.



Sometimes I like to be spoiled, I laugh most of the time, I’m innocent, playful and say everything I think. Other times I have a strategic mind, I am diplomatic, elegant and passionate.

 What is the correct answer? Try to guess the answer.

I want to make money. No, I want to enjoy life as much.

Sometimes I want to work hard and make money. Other times I want to live a quiet life.

Sometimes I think I must assure my future and raise money, other times I think it’s just a waste of time and energy; when I die, money won’t help me.

 What is the correct answer? Try to guess the answer.

I want to be good to everyone. No, I want to be rebellious.

Sometimes I want to please everyone, to help them as I can. Other times I want to be selfish, to not care about anyone and do everything I have on my mind.

 What is the correct answer? Try to guess the answer.

I want to drink a cup of tea. No, I want to go out and dance.



Sometimes I find it more pleasant to drink a cup of tea or coffee, sometimes I want to go out and have fun.

 What is the correct answer? Try to guess the answer.


Us young ones may not know what path to take, but we go forward with enthusiasm and hope while trying to get better. Each of us will choose a path, but until then, we will remain undecided and we will still have our small battles with ourselves.

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