My real story about being a ninja.

I’ve always been a little shorter than others and I’ve always been aware of that. Since I was a child I had to hear every time people saying it.

Even in school pictures, I appear with a head lower than my colleagues. At 6 I started playing the piano and the teacher advised me not to play basketball, which I liked at the time, afraid that I could somehow hurt my fingers. So I only played football during my sports classes.

My parents always thought that I would grow more at some point, so they didn’t worry too much until I was 12 years old, when they thought that I should go see a doctor. I’ve stayed in hospital more than a month, while doctors were trying to find out if I was healthy. And after many examinations they said I’m perfectly healthy.Then, after some time, she took me to another doctor, the last one. After some examinations, it was clear enough that my bones weren’t meant to grow faster, that I’ve always grown, just not as much as others. He told my mother firmly enough that she should leave me as I was left to be, that I am beautiful as I am and I don’t need to be taller to succeed in life. I understand my mom, who tried to do something about it, not to think later that she didn’t do everything she could.

But all this attempt to change me, hospitals and stretching exercises somehow marked me. In high school I started feeling complexed, I’ve started seeing the other girls more beautiful than me and I also started being jumpy when people were telling me that I looked younger.

I don’t know exactly how I started gaining trust in me. It happened during those times of anxiety, as a defensive mode. I’ve started feeling that people didn’t take me too seriously because they saw in me a cute little thing, so I grew some attitude.

This, plus the fact that I have 3 big brothers who love me very much, but with whom it was a little harder to make my voice heard. In high school, little by little I started showing people that I’m not just a fluffy thing, that I have a strong personality and that if necessary, I can always turn myself into a big panther.

Now I’m perfectly happy with being short. Not always, you can’t be always happy about something. That would mean to reach the absolute happiness. But I realize now all the good things that came along with being short.

People feel comfortable around me, so it’s easier getting along with them. Also, you learn how to base on your personality and knowledge, more than on the appearance.

And last, but not least important, I am a ninja! I can always sneak through crowds. And also, my future kids will be asked if I am their sister. 

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