Today I bring in front of you 2 old rivals. Which drink is better: tea or coffee?

I’m addicted to coffee (who have read my posts, know). And somehow, I love people who love coffee. They understand the pleasure of enjoying a morning cup of coffee and they seem to be on the same wavelength with me. I often think that coffee is what inspires us to have interesting conversations in the morning. Many, including me, see in it a kind of a muse. In addition, when I am stressed or feel the need to relax, I make one cup of coffee.

That is why I used to be a little pissed that my fiancé doesn’t drink coffee, except for some special situations in which he really needs to. Even though he occasionally drinks tea, he doesn’t understand the pleasure of staying in the morning for half an hour just to a cup of coffee. Nor understands that feeling of relaxation while you sip and listen to a good song, maybe a piece of jazz.  Sometimes I also prefer tea, but especially when I’m very cold when it’s winter and I stay by the window to watch the snow outside. Makes me feel comfortable. I prefer it with cinnamon.

Today I decided to stop being biased for a few moments and do a brief objective analysis.   

First, let me tell you a story

In the 18th century, the king of Sweden from that time, Gustav III, believed that coffee was poisonous for the body, so he hired a team to conduct an experiment to prove this. He found in prison two sentenced to death, twins, to whom he offered life imprisonment in exchange for participation in the experiment: one was to drink 3 cups of coffee a day, and the other to drink tea in the same amount. Well, they had kept this habit for their whole life and none died, even though both doctors watching them had kicked the bucket, so the king. The tea drinker died first at the age of 83, while the coffee drinker lived more, but there’s no info about how much.   

Now in Sweden, the coffee isn’t just a drink, but a lifestyle. It is one of the countries where the coffee has a very high popularity .I’ve heard that in Sweden, people drink coffee while having fika (coffee break), a social activity. They add sweets near the coffee and socialize with friends. Seems like they are enjoying life.

The oil to our engines

Even the ones who do not find a special pleasure in coffee, choose it often in detrimental to tea, for the energy it provides. But many are not sure of the effects of coffee, they almost consider it a myth.

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Well, I believe that those who have low blood pressure can feel best the impact coffee has on them in the morning. But tea also brings effects of awakening (one cup contains 40 milligrams of caffeine) and has been scientifically proven that tea provides energy as much as coffee.

Even so, in a cup of coffee there are between 80 and 115 milligrams of caffeine, meaning double, which automatically means that the effects would be double and, indeed, coffee succeeds faster in awakening the mind.

The difference is quite small, which leads to the surprising conclusion that tea and coffee can be a good oil, regardless of choice, for the wheels of our body and mind.   

Another way to think about it: tea seems like diesel, while coffee is the benzene.  

Sweet Dreams or not so sweet

It seems that one of the reasons I don’t fall asleep easily at night may be a result of the fact that I’m a drinker of coffee. A study by the University of Surrey has shown that coffee drinkers go to sleep harder in comparison to those who drink tea. Same about the quality of sleep, those who drink tea have a longer and more restful sleep.

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However, it does not seem so surprising to me. The high dose of caffeine is meant to keep us awake, so if you drink it daily, it is likely to effect on long-term our beauty sleep.

How about you gave me a smile?

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Well, both coffee and tea have undesirable effects on teeth. Regarding coloring teeth, it seems that coffee is the best choice in this case. And in terms of their overall health, tea contains fluoride, which is good for teeth.

What does the doctor say?

There is a bias that coffee is more harmful than tea, which is completely wrong. In fact, both have very good effects on the body because they contain antioxidants. 

What are antioxidants? I must quote this phrase that I find extremely amusing: “Antioxidants are like microscopic police officers who seize these bad guys (oxidants) that plan to harm our cells.” (Beth Bence Reinke) 

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Regarding the diseases that they might counteract, tea is beneficial against cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, inflammation, cancer, heart disease, and allergies.

As for coffee, it can prevent diseases such as liver and colon cancer, Parkinson, diabetes.

So we cannot order them according to their effects on our bodies. But we can talk about them according to how much we love them, according to our personal taste.

We could have a prolonged fight on the question “which one is better?” and we could never finish. The secret is that these drinks make us happy, give us one more reason to rest and enjoy the moment, to forget worries and socialize. So, whatever your choice, enjoy it! 

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