Abstract Art: An Expression of a Thousand Feelings

Given that today a house is full of technology, classical paintings no longer seem to fit as well with the decor. Instead, unusual forms, shapes and processed colors are preferred.

In a modern ambiance, abstract paintings bring color and create balance. Nor the furniture is no longer made in classic colors, like natural wood; we often find it by neutral colors black/white.

Abstract art is a release of the entire emotional charge of the artist. It appeared as a manifesto against naturalism, as a rebellion against the laws previously known.

How to understand an abstract painting?

In abstract art colors have the largest role, through them the artist communicates the whole story of the painting. While classical paintings are easy to understand, with clear and real representations, in abstract paintings, colors are the ones that outline ideas and shapes. By color, a painting speaks and provokes emotion.

To understand an abstract painting it is needed to open the door to your inner thoughts, feelings, and moods. Abstract art is a representation of the avalanche of emotions that an artist experiences, so you can understand it only by forgetting a little about the material world. You have to forget about the concepts known, learned from other paintings, in contrast, you must observe what effect it has on you, emotionally, and what memories awaken in you.

How to choose an abstract painting?

Florentina Bazgan, my client painter, told me that, in general, you will feel right from the start if you resonate or not with that picture. And if you can’t take your eyes out of it for 3 minutes, it means that the picture speaks your language and deserves your attention, so you should buy it.

Also, in a living room, it is better to choose paintings in vivid colors to brighten the house. If you choose a suitable painting, then you will feel better in your home, you’ll create that oasis of peace and your guests will feel relaxed and welcome. Plus you’ll receive countless compliments. Who does not like compliments?

I’ve been several times to visit my client and sometimes I happened to feel tired or a little worried, but every time I left with a smile on my face and full of energy. The calmness emanating from her apartment full of paintings always transposed me into another world.

It is therapeutic to possess a painting on the wall because even in times of fatigue, depression or anxiety, that work of art can be good for your emotional health if you resonate with it. A well-chosen picture transcends you into another world.

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