Are we really on the right track? Can we have confidence in a healthy society for our children?

This year I spent New Year’s Eve with some friends at one of their homes. We all gathered around a table, poured alcohol, filled an ashtray with cigarettes and talked about different topics. One conversation was about homeschooling, its advantages, and disadvantages.  It all began from here.


Our opinions were contradictory right from the start. On a closer analysis, I am not necessarily on the side of homeschooling, but I also see the benefits that come with this choice. When the speaker totally disagrees with an idea, I usually try to argue in favor of it and obviously with arguments I believe in.

His biggest argument was the need of socialization, the child’s need to integrate into society while supporting that even if the other children will have the latest model of iPhone, he will explain to his child why he will not give him one and so his child will understand and will seamlessly integrate into society.

Ok, that sounds completely normal, but there’s a gap. My opinion is that when you want to be part of a group you shall adopt its practices. If you integrate into a society where all have the latest models of phones and you’re the only one who does not have even a phone, you may want it and you’ll slowly start to marginalize. You will end up feeling lonely in a crowd of people.


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Do not you agree so far? Try this exercise of imagination: take a girl from 10-15 years ago and send her to school. She will come home and want to change clothes, her phone, her haircut, makeup and to wear heels. The only ones who would not feel marginalized are the ones who decided this for themselves, they decided to be different from everyone else.

Why this argument with the clothes and the phones? We are going on a path that is not good for the children. I find really incredible all the possibilities of knowledge that children have today, but are they taking advantage of them? I think they’re using the technology in a wrong way, using more social networks, where they show off more and more, undress and try to imitate the models on the covers of magazines.

It would seem really incredible if more parents would send their children to classes on programming, design or architecture. There are countless games that teach children programming language.


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I see around me more and more people trying to show perfection, to look as what they are not because society wants this. It’s a rising trend. I probably sound like an old-aged, but look around: do you still see the innocence or decency? How were the children in the ninetieth and how are they now? The trend has changed and now they display more and more, they reveal more and more and they are increasingly false. What the kids do not understand is that they start to resemble one another and lose their identity. All look the same, only tuned girls and feminized boys everywhere.

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Step by step we shape the society in which our children will live, and the future does not sound good to me.


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It’s fine to embrace the technology, but is it really fine to be addicted to it? It’s fine to show some skin, but is it really fine to see girls aged 12-16 dressed like prostitutes?


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The composition and tendencies of a child are heavily dependent on the environment he develops in. So what do we do in this case? We know that social networks do not really help to socialize, we know that clothes should be worn and not taken off, we know that makeup is more suitable for a mature person and we know the dangers of this world.

If you teach him at home means that he might not socialize enough, while to go to school means having bad influences; then what is to be done? Letting him integrate into society or risking to make him feel too different without his will? Can you give him an education so beautiful that he will enjoy life, while he also respects himself? An education that he will never forget once he gets out in the world?

What do you think about it?

Also, I want to wish you all joy, creativity, and lots of wonderful moments in the new year! Happy New Year!

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