I want to share with you a life story I’ve heard today. I’m not a therapist to keep all of this to me.

The person I am today is not entirely thanks to me, but on the strength of all the things, I’ve learned from the people I’ve met.

I’ve started talking with a girl in a game I used to play frequently before Steemit, and that’s LOL. A pretty popular game.

Today I’ve met her for the first time. We met at a coffee and the atmosphere was perfect for confessions. So she started telling me all about her life.

I just listened and sometimes showed her that I’m interested while savoring my cappuccino.

This girl has 19 years and right from the first time you see her you can tell that she has some dark history. Pretty young for a dark history you might say.

She started smoking at an early age, even if her parents didn’t approve at first, they accepted. Until the age of 15 she had some immature relationships with boys, but at 15 she had the first serious one. I’ve learned that this boy used to be violent and beat her. After 1 year she found the courage to end it. She said that she didn’t answer back, she only accepted his violence. Now she hates him very much. She also met his recent girlfriend; found out that he has beaten her too, so she helped her to end up this sick relationship.

After this bad relationship, at 16 years old she started meeting with a boy who seemed pretty normal. Her mistake was that after just 3 months she moved in with him and started working. She would work from 6 in the morning until late in the evening and sometimes she would work even at nights. Got pretty tired, then started working at her boyfriend‘s law office. Everything seemed fine. But a little too severe I might say, for her age. Especially because she isn’t from a poor family and she could have lived very nicely with her parents.

She said an at least bizarre thing: that she and her boyfriend were doing well for 2 years thanks to the game LOL and that as soon as he stopped playing it they started fighting. Me and my boyfriend also play a lot of games, but this is just for fun, and we still have our moments, our juice.

He cheated on her for several times, once with her best friend. The irony is that they ended up breaking up because of a password she didn’t want to give him.

I wonder, I also asked her but she didn’t answer, why did she accept all this?

You might say: If I were her I wouldn’t have accepted being treated as she was. That’s what I thought too. But I’m not in her place, and neither you.

She has a twin, a sister who is the opposite of her. While she is dressed all in dark colors and fully covered with clothes, even if outside is over 40 degree Celsius, her sister seems more lively, wears makeup and is dressing in light colors. This difference between them looks weird to me and I wonder what made her be like this.

Might be her parents at fault? After all, she’s still a child.

Her parents know about all the things she’s been through. And I know that my parents are even capable to put the one that hurt me in a hospital. This makes me think that the way she’s dressing and the fact that she accepts so many things from her boyfriends have started from her family. Her parents let her smoke from around 12, they let her move with her boyfriend at 16 and move to another city and she didn’t graduate from high school and they seem ok with it.

Is somebody entirely at fault for this? Her decisions are probably a result of the models she has seen and is probably a sign of her weakness.

My parents were a little drastic, but now when I’m a grown-up I understand that the way they educated me helped me a lot in keeping my path. I have a strong sense of justice and I’m really dignified.

But what if I were born in another family, what if I met the wrong people and what if I wasn’t told to study and keep myself from danger?

I’m not who I am entirely thanks to me, but on the strength of all things I’ve learned from the people I’ve met.

Thank you!

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