Infinitea, a pretty tea house, perfect for a bohemian getaway

 Infinitea, a pretty teahouse, perfect for a bohemian gateway. If you are from Romania or you are planning a trip, then I suggest you should go to Infinitea, just a couple of minutes away from Eroilor subway.

  To my shame, I found out about this oasis of delight just a while ago, when my boyfriend wanted to surprise me, as he knows how much I love tea, jazz and bohemian experiences. Walking down the streets, we almost missed the teahouse, located on a quiet street among other homes. We heard the music, stopped and noticed a small and elegant sign notifying that you found a place for relaxation and meditation.  

  We had our reservation at 8 PM and found out later that there was going to be a jazz concert. At first, when I passed the threshold of the house and started climbing the stairs, I felt a little uncertain, however, as soon as I entered the tearoom, the world changed with the speed of light. I was in the house of an artist, I couldn’t tell whom, but it felt like there was the place to create and contemplate, to love and dream. It is styled, yet comfortable.

I couldn’t catch more, as we had our table, outside, in the garden, where nature, beauty and music have been united to create a gorgeous lieu. We ordered 2 big servings of tea: mine, with rose and chocolate and his, with tropical fruits.

The preparations for the concert were done and while the dark fell, the lights and lamps were lit. The show began. While our taste buds were being delighted, we had our ears filled with great music. Among the most beautiful songs, there was one which fitted most closely with the place: Tea for two. Here is the song:

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