The Story of a Dream

Before sleeping, I always try to focus on dreaming a nice thing, but this desire gets rid of me night after night. From the spiders who eat me, to loved ones who die or are injured, to absolute loneliness. That’s what keeps me busy during nights.

My dreams are totally contradictory to my everyday life, but I think they are actually my greatest inner fears. The most terrible dreams I’ve ever had are those with the death of a loved one … but they were so frequent that I came to dream my whole family in this hypostasis. And it’s terrible to wake up during the night, crying without stopping.

My luck is that I never sleep alone and the warmth of a hug helps me in the morning to forget about all these atrocities.



Other dreams, which are part of a totally different category, are full of discussion, complex situations, and unanswered questions. And I believe that these are the most common. In these dreams, I do not see faces and it does not matter where I am. It matters only the long talks, looking for the right arguments and finding solutions. There are no beautiful dreams, I would rather call them tedious.



Sometimes I think of them as movies. We have so far the genre thriller, the mystery genre and we also have the horror genre.

I’m envious of my husband, who very often tells me that he had a dream with us traveling, having a farm or any other beautiful thing. On the other hand, I do not remember having a beautiful dream, or I only remember the ugly ones.

I have often tried to find the source of these terrifying stories, even looking for interpretations of these dreams, but without much success. I embraced these “night adventures” and after a brief summary during the morning coffee, I forget about them.

I consider myself an optimistic person who is always looking for color in her life, which is why I think the nights are the antithesis of the beautiful mornings spent in 2. But lately, I started to fight back and change them as much as I can, by getting them back to my side. And so I become in my own dreams a hero. Those that I can not control, I try to revive them in the morning and change them so that I feel more comfortable with them. That’s why I sometimes sleep more than I should. 😀



But imagine how it would have been like if I had lived in Greece or Ancient Rome when dreams were believed to come from the gods and predict the future. Dear me!

In my quest to find a meaning to these films that are playing in my head at night, I learned a lot of interesting stuff, but now I will only tell you three of them:

• We have an average of 4 to 6 dreams per night, which tells me that I probably have sweet dreams too, just that they do not have the same impact on me and I forget them. Usually, when I wake up, I only remember 1 or 2 of them.

• Another fascinating theory that I discovered would be that the elders are the ones who dream most of all in black and white because they caught the white black TV. It was obvious, however, that movies and television have a great influence on our dreams, but it is very interesting how it influences even the colors we dream in.

• Google, the Mendeleev table, Tesla’s current generator or the DNA spiral, were all dreamed up before being invented. Brilliant, maybe I’ll find the cure for death, or I’ll set up a school of heroes.

Do you know any other interesting stuff? What do your dreams look like?

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