What passion is better than bringing to life beautiful sounds and expressing yourself through art? Just consider taking your child to learn any kind of art, especially music.

By 8th grade, I studied at a music school. I’ll never forget my first encounter with music. I was still in kindergarten when my mother took me for the first time at the school.

We found ourselves pretty lost, didn’t know where to go first and we also had to find a violin teacher. Yeah, violin, that’s what my parents wanted me to study.

Nor have we set foot in the building when a man in his forties showed up with a big bright smile. He didn’t even properly introduce before taking me into his arms and saying: hey, little one! Are you here to be a pianist?. My mom said they wanted me to try violin, but he took a look at my fingers and said: no! Come, let me show you what piano is all about!

He took my hand and showed us the way to his classroom. The school wasn’t renovated at the time and looked a bit like a little castle. At least that’s how I remember it. We walked through a tiny hall, I know it was tiny because it hasn’t changed since then, walked some stairs and found his small classroom just near an amphitheater. After having a talk, he started playing the piano.


Hell, I was fascinated! I don’t know what he played, never asked him, but to me, it seemed like outside were thunders and light strikes, even though it was sunny that day. I was surprised about the emotions I had and I truly wanted to learn to play the same as him.



So we decided: must be piano, instead of the violin! I started my training for the exam. Had to learn some songs and sing them by voice, that’s what I remember. They wanted to see if I had an ear for music.

I still have the recordings of that exam and I think I’ll never share them with anybody else.  ☺☺☺

After taking the exam, it began the most wonderful period of my life, even though I didn’t know it at the time. At any age, we have our drama that we believe is a serious deal. 

Being a child who wanted to play with the other kids, I was mad that I had to study so much. I had 3 exams per year and 2 or 3 competitions. I didn’t like studying for the exams or the contests, but I always enjoyed participating.

Being on the stage, receiving applause and knowing I have done well were the most fulfilling emotions I had. Also, my mom used to make me any pleasure after the exams, showing me that she was happy about me. 

Talking about performance, I think nothing will ever compare to the feeling I had when in 7th grade I participated in the choir at a competition when after the performance people started getting up of their seats and applaud us. This lasted for minutes and I was so happy that I could have even died out of happiness.


During 8th grade, when I had to decide if I wanted to continue my musical studies, I decided not to. I had a lot of teachers telling me that instead of music, which is paid little in Romania, I should study math or anything else that would help me better in the future. I’ve listened to them. I don’t regret that decision because I’ve kept my passion.

But you know what? After deciding not to study music, after entering the most renowned college in my town, I realized that I loved music a lot and I wanted to go back.  My music teacher from high school found out about my passion and asked me to play at a ball, with over 1000 persons present. Another beautiful experience.

Even after “my withdrawal” I’ve continued to learn new songs, this time for my pleasure.


I encourage you to take your child to a music school. At least for a period of time. After getting into high school I realized that the people I’ve met in my old school, the experiences and the things I’ve learned didn’t even compare with the newer ones. The ones from my music school were a lot better.

First of all, let me tell you that most of my friends are from that time. My best friends were studying piano like me and even if I didn’t continue my studies with them, our friendship never ended. We even moved in together and now even if we live in distant cities, we are still the same best friends. Besides these 2 girls, I also kept a lot of friends from that time with whom is always a pleasure to meet. They understand life differently; they are more compassionate and also more attentive.

I also still talk with my teachers from that time. They always have a big smile on their face and are really friendly. 

Besides meeting the right people, your child can get to feel the highest feeling of them all, of being on stage. Trust me! He will never forget it. Also being on stage so many times, he will learn not to get nervous easily and how to keep his composure better. Being on stage helped me in faculty, for example when I had so many speeches. But not even once had I felt nervous and I always spoke with confidence.

Also, what passion is better than bringing to life beautiful sounds and expressing yourself through art? Even if they speak about artists like they are some introverts with issues, I tell you it’s not true at all. Artists are really kind people and also open-minded. 

Of course, every type of art is a blessing. I’m just kind of biased because I’ve lived with music. Just consider taking your child to learn any kind of art, especially music. 

So, would you take your child to learn some kind of art?

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