When you look at it from this angle, things were more cherished, timeless and personal back in the days.

We live in the times when all is technological, everything is easier and faster. We no more send handwritten letters, which would normally take some time, not only writing them, but also sending them.

You had to go buy stamps, you would put them in the mailbox, then probably wait for their delivery a week. You will probably get the response in 2 weeks.

 Yeah… too much time to wait, when you can communicate so fast these days. You send an e-mail or write in a chat room and get suspicious if you don’t get a reaction in one day at last.

But communication through writing is getting a bit rough. Letters had so many purposes: love letters, invitations, postcards, hatred letters, friendly letters. People were very careful at their writing and at their words.

Pros about technology? Well, maybe this is a better way of delivering genuine thoughts, not colored or decorated, just thoughts.

Now everything is fast. We don’t think too much and just deliver the message.

But in those times receiving a letter and writing one were joyful acts, fulfilling and worth remembering.

What about books? Many have upgraded to e-books. I still prefer feeling the pages in my hands and maybe lining some quotes that I like. And the smell! Old or new, I like their smell.


I feel so much more relaxed when I read an old-style book.

Probably because I grew up reading all the books my parents had in the bookcase, especially those by Alexandre Dumas, which weren’t new at all, probably were 20 years old.

And what about photography? You would take a photo, then developed it using a camera obscura.

This was a sort of an art itself. Knowing how to develop your photos in such a way that you’ll get the best results, having your own laboratory, your own place of creation.


I remember the excitement my godfather had when he was gonna develop the photos he took. He was a very artistic person: he made exceptional paintings and also was passionate about photography. He died when I was 12 when I was still a child. Because he loved me so much, he even bought me a piano, trying to enhance my artistic side. I still have that piano and even though it doesn’t work like it used to, I’ll never get rid of it. I sometimes wonder if he would have had the same excitement in these ages.


And let’s not forget the music composition. You had to use only the instruments to create unique sounds that would get the attention of the audience. You couldn’t use the computer to make your job easier.


And here’s my niece learning to play the piano, 2 years old.

These sound so antiquated in these modern technological days. Old-fashioned.

But while things are easier these days, on the other hand, things seem to have lost some of their authenticity.

Think about this: how many e-mails and pictures do you have? Being in such a huge amount, all in the same place, it’s easier to forget about those that made you happy at a time.

In my childhood, I was in a hospital for about 2 weeks. There I’ve made friends with a girl, older than me, who used to call herself my bigger sister. After the discharge, living in distant cities, we started sending letters. And 3 or 4 months ago I found in one of my box with personal things one of her letters. I kept it safe and valued it a lot.

And here comes the best thing about technology. Seeing her name I thought about searching her on Facebook, found her and reunited with her. Now she’s in Dubai, we talked and she invited me to her wedding. But what if I didn’t value her letter so much in order to keep it for so many years? Seems like she thinks the same as I do. She just announced me that she sent a handwritten letter to me. I’m so excited!

I’ve talked with many persons on the internet and that’s why it’s harder to find and remember the discussions that brought so much joy at a time.

As for photos, I have a lot of photographs and 100 folders with them. Sometimes, when I stumble across some, I wonder how could I forget about them. My parents have photo albums which are the most useful ones for keeping memories. But then again, when you have everything on your hard disk, how many photos do you print? For sure not all of them, maybe just a few.

Technology is better, it’s all about the progress. Even so, when you look at it from this angle, things were more cherished, timeless and personal back in the days.

What’s your opinion about this?

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