My list of free simple pleasures that will improve your everyday life

We got used to believing that every pleasure has a cost and if you don’t have the money or the time, you better stay alone at home and do nothing or do everything.

Now take a deep breath, relax and plan your day. Include at least one of these activities on your “to do” list.


1. Music

What I like the most in this world is music and I always include it in my everyday activities. Besides listening to music while working, when I feel a little down I turn up my music, make it louder and start dancing and singing. Of course, you can’t do this at work, but you can take a 3 min pause and imagine. Listen to your favorite song, do this when you are bored or down and I guarantee you that you will feel a lot better than before. At least this always helped me get through a tough day.

I also like to play the piano and learn new songs. If you happen to have an instrument in your house why not try learning some basic lessons from YouTube tutorials? While playing I always take a cup of something with me (wine, tea or coffee), depending on the state of mind I have at the moment.

Also, if you search on the internet I’m pretty sure you’ll find some street concerts or free entrance ones. Give them a try. I know they are not Maroon 5, but they might be better than you think. At least you’re going out.

Here’s a link to my article about music:

2. Books

Reading a good book will help you get rid of boredom, but reading it outside, on a bench in a park, near a lake or on the terrace of your house, will improve its effects. I truly recommend you reading “The portrait of Dorian Gray”. But there are many others that may be to your likeness. You can search them on the internet, but asking a librarian it’s better.

When I was starting my paper license for graduation, I had no idea where to start from. I wanted to make it on the subject of “Music communication” and my supervisor didn’t suggest any book or give me a hand. I was clueless until I had a talk with a librarian. He suggested me a book of Daniel Levitin, which helped me in getting other resources and making an organized plan of what I wanted to demonstrate.

I will be forever thankful to that librarian.

3. Sharing your story/ writing

This is why writing is very useful. While also making some money, you can talk about your interests, dilemmas or about your future plans.


If you will start thinking of writing as a way to express yourself, you will grow to be more relaxed and it will be seen in your writing. While being genuine, unavoidable you will start showing your personality through your style of writing.

4. Jogging

I too have to start jogging again. While being in high-school I had this issue with my weight, I was a little fatty, so I started jogging little by little and found myself running 10 laps around the sports field. I tell you, it wasn’t small. Not at all.

I frequently felt lazy, but I had a goal. Even if at first it might seem tiring, don’t give up. After finishing your first training, you will go home and realize you are feeling a lot better, whether you do it in the morning or evening.

After getting this habit I started having a lot of energy and I started doing more things, I also stopped being lazy.

Combine this activity with music, take your earphones and you will feel like the main character of some movie or some commercial spot.

5. Enjoy your drink

Do you drink tea or coffee in the morning? Howsoever, in that moment try to let down other things.

Don’t prepare your lunch for work, don’t think about your tasks and don’t rush. Well, because I love so much music, I put soft music and totally relax.

I take about half an hour for this habit of mine. While taking sips of my coffee I sit back and let my mind run free. This is the time when I don’t have to think about responsibilities.

Also, have a drink after work at home. Pour a glass of wine. Don’t drink it in front of the computer or at the table. Fill your bathtub and take your glass of wine with you. It’s truly relaxing.

What are your free everyday activities that help you feel better and relaxed?

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