Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you. How to make your life flow smoothly instead of roughly.

These days it was quite cloudy, even if in August it used to be so hot that even the sun began to sweat. But nature is not predictive, as nothing in the world is. In vain you choose your wedding to be on a summer day if it suddenly starts raining. Life sometimes is a kind of a troll, slaps you in the face, like it’s saying “wake up!”.

Often, when I pray for the sun, it rains. Just like when I was in high school when I wanted to enter the Faculty of Foreign Languages, the Japanese. I was convinced that there is the place for me, but I submitted the file for other two faculties, just to make sure, as I had a little lack of confidence. And guess what, I was accepted to all of them, but the Japanese one assumed an annual fee because I didn’t get in the first 10 ( I don’t exactly remember the number, but it was a small one), I got one place lower. Such a small difference. I had to choose: to compel my parents to pay my fee or to go to one of the other two. And finally, I chose Communication and Public Relations. I suffered a lot, I cried and I was upset, but I realized that it was my choice and I had to accept it. Things started to go better. I realized that faculty fit me better than any other.

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Last year we decided to move to Italy. We began a collaboration with a company there and we thought we would try to find more clients for our company. There is a less developed market of web design and graphic design. We sent everything to my parents and we moved with our friends for two weeks until we left. Meanwhile, in a month, during the preparations, the company leaders quarreled and parted. Suddenly, there was no certainty, so we decided to stay in Romania. At first, I was disappointed and thought: how come every time my plans are thwarted? I spent much thought if I made the right decision in not leaving. I was disappointed, I thought that it would be a step forward for the company. But things started to go better. We started to get more customers and make in three months, as much as we did a year before.

“Of course there is no formula for success except, perhaps, an unconditional acceptance of life and what it brings.” ~Arthur Rubinstein

Life has a funny way of sneaking up on you. When things like that happened to me, I did not understand. I thought I was a good person, and yet karma was punishing me. Later to realize that she actually worked for me.

You too should learn to accept things that you cannot control, you may realize that this is for the better. Do not struggle the universe, do not choose the painful path in which you are always in a fight with the things that happen to you. No wonder there’s this saying: after rain comes the sunshine.

That’s the way you can make your life flow smoothly instead of roughly.

But that does not mean you have to become lazy, and not fight for your dreams. When a plan goes wrong, you just have to accept the situation and change the strategy, make the best out of it.

A closed door doesn’t mean you have to break it, instead look if there’s an open window and pass through it.

Here’s a song that came to my mind while writing these thoughts:

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