Why I sometimes choose to be a champion. Yes, I’m a female gamer.

What do games mean to me? They are a distraction, a way to let your mind run free, forget about the daily problems and become, for once, a hero.

In games you can see yourself evolving, increasing the level and gathering experience. Almost every move is taken into account and considered a point of experience and if you think about it, so it is in real life. You gain experience whether you do something or waste time, but if you do something productive, most likely you will gain even more experience and level-up!
Yet, why are games often more attractive than real life? Maybe because you have fewer limits. In games, you usually want to explore as much as possible of the map, while in real life you feel limited by money, responsibilities or fear.

In a game, the reward system is very well built. Do a mission and you will immediately receive praise, money and maybe an item. In real life, you often feel wronged and unrewarded.

I’m talking a bit like an addict. I’m not because I have this strong feeling that I ‘m wasting my time. This happens for a while since I no longer feel like I have enough time: for work, for fun, for house chores and for me. So the game becomes a consumer of time. But about once every two or three days I play for an hour at night after I got everything in place.

When I was a student, I used to have the whole weekend doing just that, playing MMO RPG games. Beautiful days, those days!

My first encounter with MMO RPG games was Archeage, only 3 years ago, when it was launched in Beta. I was one of the first players to enter the world of Archeage. I was truly amazed by it. I didn’t stop playing for 3 days. I and my boyfriend were on vacation, so the only thing we did, was to play Archeage.



I loved Archeage at the time, the graphics were really good. It had some exceptional landscapes and you could explore the entire world. I remember once I wanted to cross the ocean by boat and swimming. It took me about 2 hours and I didn’t even manage to get to the other side because I got caught by some pirates and killed me. Became pirates the ones who chose to be PK and killed on a peaceful land or those who stole. Every time you made a steal or murder, you accumulated points and if you reached a certain threshold, you were considered a pirate, an enemy.



Another thing I thought was interesting, was the Market. You could do a lot of advantageous trades and it was also was quite easy to create items that you could sell later in the market. We have reached the maximum level and then I forgot about the game.

But I tried others, including Rift and Forsaken World. What I liked the most in Rift were the dynamic events. I don’t remember up to what point I’ve leveled and I don’t even know why I stopped playing it. People are praising it a lot. Forsaken world was really entertaining at first. But while leveling you realize that it’s a pay to win game. You have to invest a lot, while the quests aren’t really entertaining. They somehow lack creativity.



Also, this year I tried WOW. A friend was tired of playing alone, so he made me a gift -the fee for a month, trying to convince me to play with him. Probably because I didn’t know the story, I didn’t become as passionate as he was. I played for two months, during which I managed to make level 93. But I ceased to pay the monthly fee. There were weeks that I didn’t play at all, so it seemed like a waste of money. But it is indeed a very good MMO RPG game.

Now, last week I was persuaded by my boyfriend to play Guild Wars, for old times’ sake. He’s already level 80, while I only have 26 by now. We’re playing it for fun and what I love the most, are the PVP battles and the dynamic events. They keep appearing, it’s hard for me to follow and I want to take part in all of them, haha. More than this, I love the graphics, but I don’t find anything else spectacular. Just a nice game to play in your free time. I’ve heard that at level 60 you can enter the PvP world, this one seems a little more entertaining.

What do you think about games in general? Do you like playing MMO RPG games? Tell me about your experience in the gaming world.

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