5 classical melodies that can help you get creative.

Music conveys feelings and emotions, influencing our state, psyche or mind.  Likewise, listening to classical music contributes significantly to the cultivation of the mind.  Classical music can increase the IQ of the ones who listen to it, especially Baroque genre, such as Bach, Telemann, Vivaldi, and Handel. If you listen to classical music while you work, you’ll be more productive, more focused and active.

There are songs that never ceases to surprise us because we like the sequence of notes, the rhythm or sudden changes in intensity.  Find these songs and you have created your most wonderful background music.

The brain was analyzed using positron emission tomography, which showed that Mozart’s music activates the brain in 99%, even 100 %. The same effect has in general symphonic or chamber music, as opposed to the pop music, which activates the brain only 50%.


When you start to realize that you have a problem with creativity, most often, you become less confident, maybe a little nervous. Therefore I prefer to listen to cheerful songs, which have the effect of relaxation and entertainment.

This is my list of classical music that I listen to when I have problems with concentration or creativity.   

👍 Franz Liszt – La Campanella

I have this misconception that only the best musicians can play Paganini and Liszt. These two are the composers whose work I admire the most. 

This is why this song always gets me out of stagnation. Liszt is always trying to stand out by some variations. He’a showy person. Liszt was so impressed with Paganini’s composition, that he created his own interpretation for piano. If you listen, you recognize the sound of bells song.

👍Debussy – The girl with the Flaxen hair

This piece is one of the most famous songs of Debussy’s for piano. It sounds particularly soothing, dreamy, romantic and relaxing. This song and “Clair de Lune “are my favorites among Debussy’s compositions.

👍Ravel- Bolero

If you’re not into classical music, this song can totally change your opinion. But there’s no way you haven’t heard it before, as this song is one of the most popular around the world: it was used in many films and has been interpreted by countless artists. Timbre has the most important role in the opera “Bolero “by Ravel, where we meet several variations of the same repetitive sequence of tonal heights, obsessively repeated by each instrument that enters the scene.

👍G. Gershwin – Rhapsody in Blue

It is a little more recent piece (1924), which attracted the attention of many critics, who didn’t know whether to classify it as a part of jazz or classical music. It is very lively, makes you dream and to detach, to take things less seriously. It’s a pleasure to listen to it.  Also, watch the musicians, they really enjoy playing it.  There’s a big party starting at min 04:11.

👍Camille Saint-Saëns-The Swan (from “Carnival of the Animals”)

This is one of the most elegant, expressive and poetic songs. The sounds are flowing exactly like a swan who is gracefully floating over the water’s surface.

Honorable mentions:

Schumann – Träumerei  Op. 15 

Träumerei translates into English as “Reverie “. Like the title, this song has the effect of putting into a dreamy state, especially if you listen with your eyes closed. When I feel a little irritated for various reasons or simply have a creativity jam, I listen to this song with my eyes closed and then I can restart doing my work. It’s a little nostalgic, but if you try to understand it, you realize that it’s not sad and it expresses a kind of inner happiness.

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