Road Trip in Mallorca, Paradise on Earth, Breathless and scared at the same time [Story, photos & video]

This is the last part of the Magaluf series, for which I also edited a special video, which you will find at the end of the article. It was a pleasure to write about the most beautiful trip I’ve ever had. But I’m sure much more will come.


After visiting Palma the day before (see the previous article), obviously, the next day we went back to the beach. It would be a blasphemy not to go to the beach daily if you’re on an island unless you’re in Iceland.



After we made our itinerary to listen to music, swim, and tan, we ate at The Pirate’s Beach, the place I talked about last time. The bar is built in the form of a boat and has various thematic decorative objects. But we were fascinated by the food, that is, 2 huge burgers and one serving of potatoes. Believe me, they were brilliantly tasty, and the music helped us digest the food better, as in their playlist were only the best songs, oldies but goldies.



As the days pass quickly when you are on holiday, on that evening we went on a hike. After we walked 3 kilometers and realized that the flip flops that I wore on the beach had made me a wound, we had to take the bus. The objective was to get to the other side of the island, at the El Toro Port. There, sincerely, I found nothing fascinating except for the view of the port full of lights at dusk.



We did not walk too much because the next day we were going to go on a car trip. So, only now I’ll tell you about the most beautiful part of the whole story about Mallorca.

First of all, we went (yes, you guessed) at the beach, but not anywhere, but at El Mago, known as the beach of nudists. The place is great and it’s not just the beach of nudists. Basically, there is a golf course divided into 2 beaches, one for families and another for nudists. Both are gorgeous, with crystal clear water and lots of vegetation. I felt great there, and I only complained that I did not find this beach earlier.



El Mago is definitely a must see for those who go to Mallorca. The only problem would be that it is quite popular and can become quite crowded.

We did not stay for more than an hour, so we continued our trip. We had a long way to go.

The next goal was to go to Serra de Tramuntana, which we did not know exactly where it should be on the map. Google showed us a place and another showed us TripAdvisor. The one who rented us the car told us that it is actually a very large area of

Mallorca and there are serpentine roads among the mountains in a protected vegetation. Going to Tramuntana, it did not take us long to realize that it was not actually an objective, but a route to the next destination. Indeed, the area is gorgeous, but the roads can scare you a bit if you are not used to very narrow serpentine, curves that are not marked or very high. Practically, as we drove through Mallorca, we crossed, climbed and descended the mountains.

Finally, the next destination was La Reserva Puig de Galazzo, a natural park in the heart of the mountains. From Galilea, the nearest town, the road was terrible, with many holes, but it was worth it. At the entrance to the park, we received a map with a route that we were supposed to follow, which means about 2 hours of walking. Halfway down the road, we would be in a place with a BBQ, a bar and a natural pool, which I was thinking intensely about because it was extremely hot.



On the way, I saw bears, sheep, goats, donkeys, birds and many others. The animals felt at ease and did not run away from us. An advantage over the whole trip was that it seemed like we were alone in all that wretchedness, except for the times when we heard children playing in the water, but they were at a considerable distance. There are also a lot of springs, that’s why I think the best season to visit the park is during spring.



I was pleasantly surprised when we reached the relaxation area, where we found a very friendly gentleman who served us. We did not have too many choices, but the burger I chose was delicious. And the potato was even more wonderful because he told me it is first made on the stove, then it’s grilled and seasoned with a garlic sauce and sour cream.



He laughed a bit when we told him we were exhausted and encouraged us by telling us that the way back would be even harder. But it was not like that. Oops, I almost forgot about the long awaited pool. Unfortunately, it was full of children and I just took a few pictures. There was no room for me because of the children as the depth of the water was ideal for them.



Did I already tell you how fast time passes? It was already 4 o’clock, so we rushed to the following destination: Torrent de Pareis, which I am eager to tell you about.

Meanwhile, we started off on the streets of the Serra de Tramuntana, being scared and feeling happy at the same time. We made a detour and went to visit Port de Soller, a seaside town, very chic and seemingly quiet. I would have killed to take a bath, but the beach was full of stones and considering how “lucky” I am, in general, I risked going back with broken legs. So we picked up some ice cream and went back to the road.



Now we had a moment of a dilemma … It was already 18 o’clock and I did not know if we had the time to get to the destination. Do we go home or take a risk and go back at night? We were both already tired, and those serpentine roads were pretty dangerous if you were tired. We still chose to risk … it was the destination of our dreams.

The road was just as exciting, with wonderful views, this time we passed three lakes, one of which was quite large. But the most beautiful part of the road and the one that frightened me the most, were the serpentine roads before the Torrent de Pareis, 12 kilometers of serpentine, to be more precise, downhill, from the top of the mountain to the sea level. I was already holding the car with my hands.



In the end, we arrived when it was already beginning to darken and people were leaving. It was a terror to me to think that we would have to go back to the same roads at night. I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared. But as soon as we reached the sea … I began to forget about any fear.



I think, however, that it was the best choice to go to an hour when there were not many people anymore. Because I could feel the wilderness of the place, admire the contrast between nature and civilization. We walked a portion of the way down a street with banquets and lanterns along the sea, where I could admire the whole landscape.

Then we went through 2 lit tunnels in which there was space for only one person, and then we went to paradise. It left me breathless as I stepped into a huge circle, surrounded by gigantic rocks. I forgot all about the fear of the road and felt small in the face of immensity.



The beach is equally gorgeous, like a dream. I immediately imagined the pirates of the movies looking for a refuge here. The beach is a great outing between two huge cliffs, the water is wonderful, as clear as we were used to, and the landscape cuts your breath.



After enjoying a little water, our curiosity made us get into that paradise, among the rocks. For a moment we felt like we were in a canyon as if it there was no beach near.



We then looked over the internet at pictures, and we found out that at certain times of the year, this canyon is actually covered with water.

The cherry on the cake was the sunset that I could see between the two cliffs that were on the side of the beach. You can not even imagine the emotions I’ve lived there. I promised to come back.



Unfortunately, we had to leave because we were already tired and a long and tedious journey awaited for us.



The next day was the last day in Mallorca. We went to the beach and left with a boat offshore. I jumped to swim in the sea and I said goodbye to the most beautiful trip I’ve had so far.



Here’s the video:

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